Earn Passive Income By Creating Your Own Video Course!

This video course will teach you :

  • a simple and step-by-step way to create YOUR own video course
  • recruit affiliates to boost income
  • make passive income every month.
Video Course Revolution - Produce Your Own Video Course And Make Passive Income! (Lifetime Access)


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Let me tell you about me...

I earn $30,000+ every month by selling my video courses online

As a successful Online Marketer I've tried many ways to make money online. Some of the things I've tried died off after a few months or even days and others took roots. Amongst the many things I've tried, creating and selling my own video course has been one of the most profitable (and passive) streams of income ever.  I want you to successfully creating you own video course as well.

Selling your own video course might potentially make you millions, there is really no limit to what you can earn. This is neither hype nor it is exaggeration: it's the sheer truth of it.

It all starts with this video course. Everything you need to make your first 10k a month is taught here.

Take A Look Inside... This Is What You Will Learn!

A few features of this video course


How To Create A Successful Pitch Page!

Learn how to structure your pitch page so it converts like cake. Learn the most important components, what to put, what to avoid and the best layout to have.


How To Integrate Your Payment Gateway With Your Members Area And Email List

After taking this course, you will have an automatized, smoothly running membership website that works in autopilot without any interaction from your part.


How To Have Loyal Affiliates That Sell The Course For You!

Learn how to set up a system which allow other people to promote your video course for a share of the profit. These are customers you would not otherwise have had. You earn money, affiliates earn money. Win-win game.


Get Paid Every WEEK!

Clickbank, the platform through which clients will buy your video course, will deposit a nice wire transfer into your bank account every week.


I strongly believe in evidence-based trust. Here below, I show some of my dashboards which prove, indisputably, that I ACTUALLY earn money by selling video courses. 

Join the Video Course Revolution!

Video Course Revolution - Produce Your Own Video Course And Make Passive Income! (Lifetime Access)

10 Day Money Back Guarantee

Get inside and go through the lessons. If you don't like what you see or don't find any value in the video course, you can ask for a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to publish my video course? +

This is entirely up to you. If you already have your video lessons and you only need to build the back end, the whole process of uploading the lessons, installing the platforms and configure them might only take you 1 week. If you have to produce the lessons anew, it depends on the number of lessons. I find I can produce a high-quality, highly lucrative video course in a couple of month.

What's the financial investment of producing a video course? +

You'll be up and running with around $300. This is what you need to purchase all the equipment you need. Yes, three hundred bucks for something that will give you passive income for years and years to come. My approach is to minimize the money you need to spend for the whole production / publishing process to the bare minimum.

Therefore, this video course is HIGHLY suggested also to students starting out with very little money.

Will I be overwhelmed by the video course? I'm just a beginner with Internet Marketing... +

Not at all. My style is straight to to the point, no BS and especially doesn't leave you with 10 choices to choose from. I will tell you exactly what to do, how to do it and all you have to do is replicate it.

I found that giving students too many options and variations is, at least at the beginning, counter productive. Students might puzzled as what step to take.

My video course is a narrow path to successfully creating and publishing your own video course. You will have access to my proven step by step method to creating your own video course and profit from it.

Follow the step by step videos, it's all you have to do!

I don't have any IT background, is this an issue? +


Nope! This video course doesn't presuppose any IT experience. Anybody that can watch and listen to videos, can complete this video course!